What to Bring

  • Your coded entry ticket - a screenshot on your phone or device is fine and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Your parking pass - you do need to print this though, and display on your dashboard.
  • Money - most vendors and our bars accept card payments, and we offer cash-back, but bring some extra cash just in case.
  • We will have a wide range of food stalls on site but you can bring your own picnic if you wish.
  • Picnic chairs or rug. 
  • Refillable Water Bottles!  In an effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the bar will not be selling plastic bottles of water. All water points on the festival site provide properly tested, safe drinking water.
  • Have a stash of 'Nibley' branded cups in your kitchen cupboards from previous events?  Avoid a charge of £1 per cup by reusing them!
  • Suncream - keep an eye on the forecast, and have the mac and wellies on stand-by too.

  • Proof of age/ID.  If you are 18-25, or blessed with youthful looks, then lucky you but you might need some ID if challenged at the bar.

    *NB We will have an ID checkpoint located in the Info tent, you can get your 'checked' wristband here.

... and What Not to Bring

  • NO DOGS, sorry (unless he's a Guide or Assistance dog, working and in harness). No other pets or animals.
  • Glass containers or bottles.
  • Alcoholic drinks:  We have well stocked bars with a great range of beverages on offer, and the profits raised go to good causes. If you are camping they are allowed in the camp site (cans or cartons only), but you cannot take them through to the main event area.
  • Drugs are no more legal at the festival than in the outside world. Illegal substances and legal highs will not be tolerated anywhere on site. This includes nitrous oxide gas, cannabis, and herbal highs. Our security teams are authorised to search bags, and will be monitoring all areas of the site, including the campsite, throughout the festival. Anyone caught in possession of, or dealing in illegal substances can expect to be evicted and processed in accordance with the law.


For information on the risks of taking illicit drugs or psychoactive substances, see the FRANK website, or call their confidential helpline: 0300 123 6600.

Fur further guidance and support for problems with substance misuse and co-occurring mental health problems


If in doubt, check our Terms and Conditions.