Fri 6th - Sat 7th July 2018

2018 festival theme

Arrr me hearties! Tis ye annual Nibley Festival. And as customary around these ‘ere parts, we be ‘avin a festival theme. This year (ye guessed it), it be pirates! Arrrggg!!!!  

So, tis with a poopdeck of piratatisms, a good glug of explanation marks (and o'course plenty of arrrhhs), we give ye some tips to make yer pirate costume – without spendin' any doubloons!

1. Make yer pirate t-shirt. Choose a large white 'un that ye're willin' t' change. Fer pirate crew, yer top doesn't needs t' be as fancy as that which would be worn by th' pirate cap'n or long-term senior pirate crew. A larger shirt be best t' give th' idea o' rugged sloppiness, which all good pirates attempt t' get across. Ye've been at sea fer months afterall. Whilst ye don't wants t' pretend ye 'ave scurvy, make it seem ye're a wee worse fer th' wear. Cut areas o' th' t-shirt t' give an impression o' ruggedness. Now, get ye some fabric paint, and paint some blue stripes.

2. Create yer pirate belt. O'course, huge buckled belts are best. But don't forget pirates like t' wear sashes. So if ye 'ave a black or red scarf it can easily be turned into a pirate belt.

3. Make yer eyepatch. Tis easy! Draw th' shape o' an eye patch on a piece o' lightweight card. Cut out th' patch. Paint th' outer side black. Let dry. Pierce two holes into th' top o' th' patch on either side o' it. Thread in th' ends o' thin elastic 'n knot in galleon. Check that th' length o' elastic be jus' right fer goin' around yer head afore cuttin' 'n knottin' th' final hole.

4. Now, how about a pirate hat? A bandana would suffice. But you could easily make yer own… 

O' course, if ye be prepared t' spend some o' ye booty, then get ye to Amazon 'n search 'pirates clothing'!

So, now thar be no excuses …we want to see the saltiest of seadogs, mangiest of bilge rats and scurviest of sea shanties.

Ye best pirate outfit wins booty* beyond ye wildest dreams!

And if yer not dressed in an outfit, avast! To the brig with ye! No Quarter Given! (etc.)

* Pieces of eight. Ye statutory rights are not affected.