Silent Disco King - Headphone Reservations


The Silent Disco will be running BOTH nights!!  

The most popular demand for after-hours entertainment, and Nibley just wouldn't be the same without it!

So don't get FOMO, Get Headphones!!!

From 11pm-1am on Friday and Saturday nights, be ready to dance, laugh, and create unforgettable memories – it's not one, but TWO parties you won't want to miss!

Remember to pre-book your headphones for the Silent Disco HERE!

Returns and Deposit Refunds:

At the end of the night, your headphones will be scanned back in and your payment card credited with the deposit (provided they're in good shape!). 

*** Please allow 14 days for your refund to come through ***

The crew will remain on site long after the disco ends to collect them up, and should be around on Sunday morning too.  If you miss them, there will be a collection box, or an option for postal returns - details will be available on site.