Eva Lazarus

Eva Lazarus

Big voice, big bass and big hair is what Singer/MC Eva Lazarus is all about! She will bring "fyah" to the Nibley Mainstage.

Eva Lazarus tirelessly smashes through the festival season each year Eva & her crew (‘The Afronaughts’ and DJ Chris Munky) are primed! They are packing a stage show jammed full of props and confetti canons and are ready to nice up the dance, whether its a rave, a club, a festival, boat, pyramid or the moon!

Eva Lazarus is best known for the expert navigation of musical moods through her larger-than-life vocals. Truthfully though, her trajectory is more nuanced than most ‘multi-genre’ artists.

Eva certainly finds joy in dexterity, and spontaneity, and experimentation. She just never felt satisfied expressing herself via any one single genre. Shifting the momentum when a crowd or session demands it is the precise sweet spot in which she thrives, and while the results are often kaleidoscopic (and completely delicious when plated up correctly), Eva recognises the need for continuity when delivering entire album works. Subsequently, she is entering into a new chapter on her creative quest, one driven by career-defining sounds.

“Bringing you a blend of genres through a legendary voice Eva’s solo show is of shimmering headliner quality and we are deeply blessed to have her come and grace the stage with the edge she wields. ” – Bask Productions

“Eva Lazarus was one of our favourite acts of the entire festival: sharp, sassy, sexy, slick and hugely entertaining.” –



Performing on Friday

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