General Levy

General Levy

Wicked, Wicked! Nibley is about to get even more massive when the "Incredible" General Levy hits the main stage on Saturday this year. General Levy is a true veteran of the UK urban music scene, and still one of the most in demand MC’s in the country.

Born Paul Levy , Levy grew up in the vibrant Harlesden and Wembley area for most of his early years, surrounded by different West Indian, European, Asian and African influences. Living in a community heavily influenced by reggae music and black culture and from an early age, a certain militancy was instilled in him along with a love and respect for rebel music. He was also inspired by his big brother who had a vast record collection of music from ska to rock steady, calypso to soul, hip hop and reggae that gave Levy a steady diet of music through his adolescent years.

At the age of twelve Levy started writing lyrics and by fourteen he formed a sound system along with his friends which they called Third Dimension. He went on to join various sound systems, such as Vigilante from Stonebridge and Java Nuclear Power where he met Joe 90 and crew, but it was TipperTone Sound that really signified the arrival of General Levy to the UK MC circuit. Levy went on to build a reputation as a creative and talented MC in the area and after a few years on the circuit he was soon approached to do some studio recordings. He released his first album entitled Double Trouble in 1992 which was collaboration with Jamaican superstar Capleton which confirmed Levy’s arrival on the international reggae circuit. He went on to work with various UK labels such as Justice Records , also Fashion Records in which he released his second album ‘Wickeder General’ which was voted best reggae album for 1992. The album track ‘Heat’ was voted best single and General himself was voted best reggae DJ/MC by the British reggae industry. Levy was also voted best UK singer the following year at a The Black Music Awards which confirmed Levy as the UK premiere MC. 

In spring 1994, Levy was approached by independent jungle label Renk Records to collaborate with up and coming hot jungle producer M Beat. The collaboration was a success and the track ‘Incredible’ was unleashed June 1994 and after causing a massive storm on the underground it went on to be licensed to London Records, then subsequently went on to achieve top ten status in the national mainstream charts bringing the track worldwide acclaim as one of the biggest jungle tunes on the dance floor. 

Since then General Levy has gone on to work with various producers such as Sting International, Shaggy, Steelie & Cleevie, Artful Dodger, Jetstar, Ajang, Joe Grind, Gussie P, Stingray, Heartical Records, to name but a few.  2018 was a vintage year working with rFedde Le Grand, and their track ‘Flex’ achieved over a million spotify plays within 2 weeks and he was invited to go on the ‘Flying Dutch’ date which would have been 3 arenas in 1 day flying by helicopter between them all. Other tracks that dropped were with Jamaican dancehall legend Spragga Benz, Joe Ariwa and the mighty Chase & Status, who have also requested that Levy join them for dates on their RTN II Jungle UK tour.

Levy remains a Lionheart artist riding through the ups and downs of the music business and still maintaining focus, a love and joy for the business and people; and just like a fine wine getting even better with time and bringing the fire to any place he performs at!

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