Thrill Collins

Nibley 2012

Thrill Collins

We figured that you might want some unabashed fun at Nibley, and so when we had a bundle of recommendations for Thrill Collins and their very own brand of musical japery we just had to ask them along. The word Skiffle seems to polarise opinions. Some associate it warmly with that mysterious period of youth culture before the emergence of rock and roll, whilst others just view it as well, "unplugged". There is however a growing awareness that this raw musical style gets back to the very essence of what live music should be - vital and fun! Thrill Collins marry the rudiments of old school Skiffle with the most unlikely of modern classics to produce foot-stomping, hand-clapping, crowd-pleasers.

Having toured extensively in America and Europe three times already, Thrill Collins are a band in demand. Their 3 EPs to date have been produced by George Shilling (having worked with Blur, Texas and James Brown he tends to only work with genuine talent). We just know you are going to have a hoot dancing and singing along to this trio - just make sure you don't spill your beer!

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