Roving Crows

Nibley 2012

Roving Crows

Just won The 2012 Irish Music Awards for best Celtic Rock Band and best Fiddle Player!! The Roving Crows are the real deal when it comes to getting a crowd going Celtic style. With Irish roots, the band are now West Country based. Their act can move between relentless reels and uplifting, soulful tunes, but in the main they deliver up-tempo crowd pleasing, original numbers - if you are not up and dancing to the Crows then you've lost your lust for life somewhere along the way. Fantastically talented musicians they might be but The Roving Crows capture the true essence of Irish folk music - a group of people having fun and letting their hair down. We know that the Nibley crowd will love this band and we are thrilled to have on board one of the very best Celtic Rock bands around.

Performing on Saturday

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