Two Pounds Down

Two Pounds Down

Since being childhood best friends, Jesse on keys and James on guitar have been destined to play music together. Ethan (Jesse's brother) on bass and Gabe on drums were brought on board to form a full band. Originally from Malvern, Worcestershire, the 4 boys have been involved in music since their young days. Within a year of playing together the boys took to the stage, winning AMPED battle of the bands in May 2023 to play LAKEFEST MainStage in August 2023.

The unpredictability mixed with confidence is how Two Pounds Down catch the attention of those who listen, on stage they fill venues with contagious energy and their obvious enjoyment for what they do makes the band an exciting watch.

The unique sound is blues rock meets modern jazz giving Two Pounds Down a unique style to their music. They waver from heavy rock riffs to technical polyrhythms which makes a live show an unmissable experience

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