The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective

The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective

Fast becoming a bit of a Nibley institution The Arknsaw Jukebox Collective are back to play the Renishaw stage. They are covers Jim, but not as we know them! Sex Pistols on a banjo? Radiohead as a waltz? A Bluegrass Rap?!  Has the world gone mad…? Fear not dear Nibleyite it’s just the legendary Arkansaw Jukebox Collective – playing covers just like god intended… bluegrass style!

The moving feast of humanity that is the Arkansaws (girls, blokes, fiddles, banjos, trumpets – just play what y’brung!) deliver a show stopping performance with covers of very well-known numbers (cue the big sing-a-long!)  but with a real twist as they unearth the hidden country heart in EVERY genre of music. Rock, pop, hip-hop, dance, rap – they all get the treatment!

Thing is every event or festival needs a full on party vibe at some point – but sometimes you need to wrap it up in a cooler package than a dad band playing Oasis covers right? The Arkansaws exist to fill exactly that slot – lots of “party” but with enough “arty” to satisfy all comers.

Performing on Saturday

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