Mista Trick (DJ Set)

Mista Trick (DJ Set)

Embark on a musical odyssey with Bristol's own Mista Trick!

This Jazz and Electronic Producer is a sonic wizard, seamlessly fusing vintage vaudeville vibes with the pulse of drum and bass. Renowned on the remix scene, Mista Trick is the genius behind Brixton's SWING & BASS, crafting cheeky bootleg remixes that captivate global dance floors.

His viral hit, a drum and bass remix of Bobby Darin's SPLISH SPLASH, has stormed the internet, showcasing his talent for breathing new life into classics. As the label manager of SWING & BASS, he's a force shaping Jazz and Drum n Bass landscapes.

Brace yourself for Mista Trick's debut album, signed to Brighton's This Is Freshly Squeezed. Teaming up with a stellar cast of musicians, they've birthed original vintage-style tracks, transformed into remix material by the maestro himself. A groundbreaking record rooted in Drum & Bass, and Jazz.

The journey kicks off with "DO WHAT YOU DO," featuring the mesmerising KATHIKA from Slamboree. "ABOUT TO BLOW" brings festival vibes with guests Blackout JA and Tenisha Edwards. "DRIVE" raises the stakes with a killer video featuring Elle & The Pocket Belles against a vintage Morris Minor backdrop. The final single, "SHAMBALA," treats you to a festival-themed visual feast.Mista Trick's stage presence spans the UK and international hotspots like Paris, Zurich, Barcelona, and Vienna.

From Glastonbury to Boomtown Fair, his festival résumé boasts WOMAD, Bestival, Iboga, Shambala, and more.With releases on Ragtime Records, Rimboe Riddim, Freshly Squeezed, Pashmount Music, and Sony, Mista Trick's influence reaches far and wide. His remix prowess shines with collaborations including Jamie Berry, Dubioza Kolektiv, Sam & The Womp, and Elle & The Pocketbelles.

Get ready for a musical extravaganza –Mista Trick is here to make you move, groove, and experience the magic of a timeless fusion!

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