Dutty Moonshine Big Band

Dutty Moonshine Big Band

Dutty Moonshine Big Band are back!

Whenever we put out a poll and ask people who they want to come back and perform at Nibley Festival, Dutty Moonshine Big Band are top of the list everytime. It's no exaggeration to say they out number every other band by ten to one - these guys are never outgunned! You guys love them and its no suprise why. This year they will be headlining Friday night and tearing up the main arena.

It is difficult to pigeonhole Dutty Moonshine Big Band. The simple way to describe them is “a live Electronic Dance act”. But lets face it that doesn’t even scratch the surface.They’re crammed full of Jazz trained musicians and whilst they pay homage to the genre of days gone by, Jazz they are not. They are a loud, fast paced, heavy bass music act with an infectious stage energy. If you want to get your dancing shoes on to musicians who very clearly know what they’re doing and you’re particular to a bit of the naughty bass then this is the act for you. They’re a multi-genre unstoppable force on stage.They are like bottled adrenaline that can get an enitire festival bouncing.

With a take no prisoners attitude and infectious energy this is a band that’ll have you dancing and screaming for more! 

The band formed in 2015 and they’ve been destroying dancefloors since their inception with their unique take on bass music.  In 2020 they secured themselves a Top 40 album, also an official number one dance album, with ‘City of Sin’ and 2023 saw the release of the incredibly diverse sound of "Villain" with accompanying tour.

They are guaranteed  to put on another epic performance for Nibley, so be prepared to dance and dance hard.


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