Vibe Roulette

Nibley 2022

Vibe Roulette

Vibe Roulette is amped up and ready to discharge even more electric vibes for the opening set in the main arena. Make sure you head down early with your VIP's, to make sure they get a chance to get up on stage, and join a full on interactive Vibe Roulette. Yep it's time to get all the kids involved!

These boy-oys are never static so expect a whole bunch of sparky choons, lightning hot costumes and their shockingly profound and hilarious take on life, the universe, and everything. 

The insane child of the best house party you've ever been to and late night TV game shows! Hosted by Mike Spasm and MC Rocky Patch, Vibe Roulette will broadcast live to our Nibley world direct from the dance floor. The Wheel of Your-Tune stands proud on stage goading you to give it a spin. Its wedges need filling. You compete to have your choice added to the wheel. Once the wheel is filled you can instigate a spin anytime!! Who knows what that wheel will land on... and who knows how the DJs will cope?

DJs 'Slurp' and 'Nick Terrific' are ready to spin for you. Don't like what the DJ is playing? Spin the Wheel! Want a change of pace? Spin the wheel!

All sounds a bit confusing? Dont worry they just bring the child-friendly ruckus wherever they go and we know you will love having them tear it up with us on the Renishaw Stage. Just don't bother wearing socks, ‘cos they’ll be blown clean off! 


Performing on Friday


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