The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective

Nibley 2022

The Arkansaw Jukebox Collective

They are covers Jim, but not as we know them! Sex Pistols on a banjo? Radiohead as a waltz? A Bluegrass Rap?!  Has the world gone mad…? Fear not dear Nibley goer, it’s just the legendary Arkansaw Jukebox Collective – playing covers just like god intended… Bluegrass Style!

The moving feast of humanity that is the Arkansaws (girls, blokes, fiddles, banjos, trumpets – just play what y’brung!) deliver a show stopping performance with covers of very well-known numbers (cue the big sing-a-long!)  but with a real twist as they unearth the hidden country heart in every genre of music. Rock, pop, hip-hop, dance, rap – they all get the treatment!

Thing is every event or festival needs a full on party vibe at some point – but sometimes you need to wrap it up in a cooler package than a dad band playing Oasis covers right? The Arkansaws exist to fill exactly that slot – lots of “party” but with enough “arty” to satisfy all comers.

“They came and just blew us away…..  even the hardcore folk aficionados we singing along…. The Darkness as Bluegrass, genius!” – Lisa Samuals – Director Bradford Roots Festival

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