Mr Whompy

Nibley 2019

Mr Whompy

Space Command for our new DJ stage - The Vinyl Frontier-  will be Mr Whompy.

The Vinyl Frontier venue is located in a new area of the Orchard and will feature the fantastic Bristol based Mr Whompy. An original lovingly restored 1970's classic style ice cream van. It has been fully loaded with Void Air Motion audio & incredible lighting and lazers.

This Interstellar ice cream van will be banging out all forms of dance music over the weekend. An eclectic mix of House, Drum N Bass, Balaeric Beats, Trance, Techno, Funk, Soul, Electro Swing, Afro Beat, Floor Fillers, Ibiza Classics and more will be playing throughout Friday and Saturday. All "Freshly Mixed for You" from local  DJ collectives and national artists as our newest addition to the Nibley Festival Family. 

There will also be DJ workshops for kids (and the overgrown kids who fancy giving it a go) on Saturday mornings in this area of the Orchard.  





Performing on Saturday

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