Jasper In The Company Of Others

Nibley 2015

Jasper In The Company Of Others

A Midlands based rock journalist described the band thus - “In some ways it’s an up-to-the-minute folk-pop mini-funkathon; like Mr Mumford met Vampire Weekend at the beach and they all JUST CHILLED OUT. In other ways it’s a delightfully nostalgic offering, whisking me instantly back to the mid-90s surf rock of Reef and the easy Caribbean liltings of Finley Quaye ;the hazy days of Yamaha acoustics, VW campervans and beaded friendship bracelets.”

That description seems bang on the money to us - the kind of music to make you happy so wind your Combi windows down, let the wind take your hair and smile your way down to the coast with Jasper In The Company Of Others.

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